ROFIN DC 025,2500 WATTS, KOOLANT CHILLER, TRANSFORMER, 1998   Our stock number: 64213

Technical data

Output power 2500 W
Power range 250-2500 W
Beam quality factor K > 0,9
Pulse frequency 0 or 2 up to 5000 Hz; cw
1. Laserbeam 6. Cooling water
2. Beam shaping unit 7. Rear mirror
3. Output mirror 8. RF excited discharge
4. Cooling water 9. Waveguiding electrodes
5. RF excitation

The optical resonator is formed by the front and rear mirrors and two parallel

RF-electrodes. Excitation of the laser gas
takes place in the RF field between the water-cooled electrodes. The heat

generated in the gas is dissipated by the watercooled
electrodes (diffusion-cooled). Thus, the conventional gas circulation systems

involving roots blowers or turbines
are not required. A beam shaping module is integrated into the laser head and

produces a high quality round symmetrical
beam. The resonator design produces a 45 linearly polarized beam.

CO2 Slab Laser Rofin D_C 025 (2500 watts) Series for Sale. This Laser has

seen very little use since it was purchased new November , 1998. It was never

operated at more than 20% of it's power (500 watts) due to the limitation of

the perforator it was powering and was always maintained by a laser physicist

PHD. It has always been kept in a climate controlled environment and is like

new. Replacement cost is $169,326 USD tax in. It includes a stand and the

power console and all cabling. There is an option Koolant Chiller Model

HCV12,000PR-NF-FILT-M 12 ton capacity matched for this Laser available as well

(replacement cost $16,854 USD tax in) and an optional 208-480V three phase

power transformer (replacement cost $3,900 USD tax in). All manuals and

plumbing connections (including optic chiller
connections) included.

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