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  19.69"X, 18.5"Y, 17.7"Z, MATSUURA ES-450 H II PC5,4 AXIS, 5 PALLET,FANUC 18,2002 [93962]
  20"X, 20"Y, 20"Z, HAAS EC-400PP,4 AXIS,12,000 RPM,6 PALLETS 15.75", 2009 [87466]
  21.8"X, 15.9"Y, 19.87"Z, MITSUI SEIKI HS 3A,FULL 4TH AXIS,FANUC 15M, 1996 [88284]
  21.8"X, 15.9"Y, 19.87"Z, MITSUI SEIKI HS-3A,FULL 4TH AXIS,2 PLTS,6000 RPM, 1988 [83081]
  22.05"X, 24.02"Y, 22.05"Z,MAZAK FH-4800,PC FUSION 640 CNC.CRT,FULL 4TH AXIS,2000 [85305]
  22.05"X, 24.02"Y, 22.05"Z, MAZAK FH4800,FUSION 640M CNC,FULL 4TH,12K RPM, 2002 [93569]
  23.62"X, 23.62"Y, 24.6"Z, MATSUURA MAM600HG-PC27,27 PALLETS,CT 40,15000 RPM,2005 [94126]
  24"X, 20"Y, 22"Z, HAAS HS1RP,10,000 RPM,16" PLTS(2),4TH AXIS,THRU SP CLNT, 1999 [61609]
  24.5"X, 22.05"Y, 22.05"Z, OKK HM 500,Full 4th axis,thru sp clnt,8 plts, 2001 [81152]
  24.8"X, 24.41"Y, 27.95"Z, OKK HM 500S,8 PALLETS,15,000 RPM,40 TPR,30 HP, 2007 [82776]
  25.6"X, 23.6"Y, 25.6"Z,KIA-HICENTER-H40,FANUC 15M,50 ATC,10,000 RPM,2 PLT,1999 [83014]
  27.95"X, 25.59"Y, 25.59"Z, MAZAK H-500/50,40ATC,50 TPR,5000 RPM,M-32 CNC, 1989 [73445]
  31.5"X, 27.5"Y, 22.8"Z, NIIGATA HN50C, 2 19.7" pallets,5000 rpm, 60 ATC, 1994 [87890]
  31.5"X, 27.6"Y, 23.6"Z, DECKEL MAHO DMU 80P,5 AXIS,18,000 RPM,HEID MILLPLUS,1999 [88356]
  31.5"X, 28.7"Y, 31"Z,OKK HM-60,4 AXIS,40 ATC,50 TAPER,OKK NEO-MATIC CNC, 1999 [86098]
  31.9"X, 25"Y, 25"Z, LEBLOND MAKINO MC-86-A60,FANUC 11M, 60 ATC,50 TPR, 1987 [73502]
  33.4"X, 27.6"Y, 29.5"Z,DAEWOO DHP-5000,FANUC 18iM,14,000 RPM,60 ATC,40 TPR,2005 [74835]
  33.4"X, 27.6"Y, 29.5"Z,DAEWOO DHP-5000,Full 4th axis,20" pallets,FANUC 18IM,2006 [78662]
  35.43"X, 31.5"Y, 29.53"Z, G & L RAM-630,4 axis,12,000 rpm,cat 50,40 atc, 1995 [81541]
  39.4"X, 33.5"Y, 29.5"Z,NIGATA SPN-63,24.8"pallets,12000rpm,124 atc,fanuc,1999 [84569]
  39.4"X, 33.5"Y, 29.5"Z OKUMA HN63C,4 AXIS,6500 RPM,25 HP,60ATC,50 TAPER, 1996 [93048]
  41.4"X, 33.53"Y, 35.42"Z, KITAMURA HX630,FULL 4TH AXIS,FANUC 16M,50 ATC, 2010 [92535]
  49"X, 39"Y, 33"Z, MAZAK H800,80 ATC,4500 RPM,50 TAPER,35 HP,THRU SP CLNT, 1996 [85022]
  51.18"X, 39.37"Y, 51.18"Z, SHARMAN ALPHA 800 S DBF,50 hp, 50tpr,3500 rpm, 2006 [83374]

  16"X, 12"Y, 10"Z, HAAS MINI MILL,10 ATC,40 TPR, 2002 [56548]
  16"X, 12"Y, 10"Z, HAAS MINI-MILL,10 ATC,6000 RPM, 2007 [80188]
  20"X, 16"Y, 20"Z, HAAS VF-0,7500 RPM,40 TPR,20 ATC,20 HP, RIGID TAPPING 1999 [92483]
  20"X, 16"Y, 20"Z, HAAS VF-0 1999,7500 RPM,20 ATC,40 TPR, 1999 [88793]
  22"X, 16"Y, 20"Z, FADAL VMC-40,10 HP, 21 ATC,10,000 RPM, 39 X 16" TABLE, 1994 [92809]
  22"X, 16.1"Y, 17.71"Z, SUPERMAX FV56A,FANUC 18, TWIN PALLET, 10,000 RPM, 2003 [83377]
  27.5"X, 14.17"Y, 12.6"Z, BROTHER TC-S2B,CNC/CRT,10000 RPM,INDEXER,RIGID, 2003 [85767]
  30"X, 16"Y, 20"Z, FADAL VMC3016,CAT 40,10,000 RPM,21 ATC,4TH AXIS READY, 1995 [89184]
  30"X, 17.9"Y, 18"Z, KITAMURA MYCENTER 3X,10,000 rpm,2 pallets,clnt thru sp, 1998 [94619]
  31.4"X, 20"Y, 20"Z, HARDINGE VMC 800 II,20 ATC,FANUC 0 CNC/CRT,CHIPCONV, 2002 [93600]
  31.49"X, 17.32"Y, 19.09"Z, MATSUURA RA-IIIF,YASNAC I-80 CNC,2 PALLETS, 1998 [92211]
  31.5"X, 17.2"Y, 17"Z MATSUURA MC800,YASNAC MX-2/CRT,30ATC,40 TPR,4500 RPM, 1986 [56460]
  31.5"X, 20.1"Y, 19.7"Z, BRIDGEPORT VMC 760-22,22 ATC/BRPT DX32 CNC/CRT, 1995 [88695]
  32"X, 17"Y, 19"Z, FRYER MC-10,ANILAM 6000 TOUCH CNC,15 HP,8000 RPM,20 ATC, 2006 [93716]
  35.4"X, 19.7"Y, 19.7"Z, MAKINO V55, 14,000 RPM,PRO 3 CNC,CRT,CT 40,25 ATC. 2001 [82630]
  39.37"X, 23.622"Y, 19.685"Z, FIDIA K165,5 AXIS,24 ATC,30,000 RPM,FIDIA M2,2002 [82566]
  40"X, 18"Y, 18"Z, HURCO VM2,8000 RPM,20 HP, 16 ATC,HURCO MAX CNC, 2005 [95891]
  40"X, 20"Y, 20"Z, FADAL 4020,10,000 RPM,CAT 40,15 HP,20 ATC,HIGH TORQUE, 1991 [91650]
  40"X, 20"Y, 20"Z, HAAS VF-3, 20 ATC, 40 TAPER, 7500 RPM, 1994 [91883]
  40"X, 20"Y, 20"Z,HARDINGE VMC-1000 II,FANUC, MOLD PACKAGE,HIGH SPEED, 2001 [83053]
  40"X, 20"Y, 20"Z,HARDINGE VMC1000,FANUC OMB,8000 RPM,20 ATC,15 HP, 1999 [84386]
  40"X, 20"Y, 22"Z, CINCINNATI SABRE 1000,12"full 4th AXIS,850SX CNC,8000 RPM,1995 [61155]
  40"X, 20"Y, 22"Z, DAEWOO MYNX-500,20 hp, 8000 rpm, FANUC 21-M,2OATC, 2000 [85682]
  40"X, 20"Y, 25"Z, HAAS VF-3,7500 RPM, 20 ATC, RIGID TAPPING, 2000 [74401]
  41"X, 20"Y, 22"Z,MATSUURA TWIN MASTER 2,2 SPINDLES,2 ATC,FANUC 6MB, 1982 [80616]
  41.3"X, 24"Y, 20"Z, JOHNSFORD SHV-1000,FANUC 18IMB,24000 RPM,31 HP,24ATC,2005 [69695]
  44.09"X, 16.08"Y, 20.08"Z, MAZAK VTC-16B,MAZATROL M-PLUS,24 ATC,7000 RPM, 1997 [93508]
  44.3"X, 22.2"Y, 22.5"Z, KITAMURA MYCENTER 4,YASNAC CNC,10,000 RPM,20 HP,1995 [84865]
  44.99"X, 16.14"Y, 20.08"Z, MAZAK VTC-16B,8000 RPM, 15 HP, 1999 [79343]
  50"X, 25"Y, 25.6"Z,KASUGA QUANTUM Q-1250V,50 TPR,6000 RPM,30 ATC, [85362]
  57"X, 26"Y, 26"Z, TAKUMI V15,MITS 530 CNC/CRT,6000 RPM,50 TPR,32 ATC, 1999 [91400]
  60"X, 25"Y, 18"Z, SNK PC60V,FANUC 11M,5 AXIS, 4500 RPM,30 ATC,50 TPR, 1989 [79783]
  60"X, 25"Y, 25"Z, MORI SEIKI MV65A-50,FANUC OM CNC,5000 RPM,50 TPR,30 ATC,1992 [90903]
  60"X, 30"Y, 30"Z FADAL 6030,FADAL 88HS CONTROL,RIGID TAPPING, 1996 [82518]
  60"X, 30"Y, 30"Z, FADAL VMC-6030, 10,000 rpm, 20 atc, 40 tpr, 1996 [83403]
  62"X, 34"Y, 32"Z, KASUGA QUANTUM Q-1500V,6000 RPM,FANUC 18M,40 ATC, 50 TAPER [91511]
  64"X, 32"Y, 30"Z, HAAS VF6SS,PALLET CHANGER,THRU SP CLNT,12,000 RPM,40ATC,2006 [90697]
  64"X, 32"Y, 30"Z, HAAS VF6SS,12,000 RPM,30 HP,CT 40,SIDE MOUNT ATC,CHIP, 2014 [93901]
  60"X, 25"Y, 25"Z, OKK KCV-600,CAT 50 TPR,30 HP,MELDAS CNC, TOOLCHANGER, 1999 [93793]
  80"X, 30"Y, 32"Z, CINCINNATI 2000,FANUC 18I CNC,15 HP,8000 RPM, 21 ATC, 1999 [93249]
  80"X, 39"Y, 39"Z, FADAL VMC-8030,10,000 RPM,30 ATC,22.5HP, CAT 40, 1997 [92487]
  84"X, 40"Y, 30"Z HAAS VF-9/40,15,000 RPM,24 ATC,HIGH SPEED MACHINING, 2015 [94286]
  120"X, 40"Y, 30"Z, HAAS VF11/50,10,000 rpm,THRU SP CLNT,30 HP,SCALES, 2008 [93828]
  200"X, 134"Y, 42"Z, MIGTY VIPER PRW-5340,FANUC 21-MB CNC,60 ATC,50 TPR, 2007 [93726]

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